3 Weeks to a Cleaner Home Day 7, Kitchen Pantry

Today was the second day in the kitchen for me. Yesterday I was able to get the refrigerator done and today I needed to straighten up my pantry. I cleaned it up a few months ago so I only needed to straighten things up and organize the items. I try to keep it looking neat and tidy but when I am making dinner and I grab something out of the back sometimes it just get shoved in the front when putting it back so hence my need to organize it on a regular basis.

Here are my before photos


and After

My kids helped me out with removing and replacing the items. My son took a package of spaghetti from me and decided to shake it. He did not know it was open and spaghetti noodles went flying all over the kitchen. We all had a good laugh as we cleaned up the wayward noodles off the floor.

Other than that mishap our cleaning went really quickly and I am happy to have everything back into its proper place. I am hopeful I can be disciplined enough to keep it that way. ūüėČ


I will be working on my counters. I have lots of items stored on my counter and I want to cut down¬†the clutter a little. I am hopeful to get a few items that I don’t use everyday stored away in the cupboards.

Here is my plan

  1. Clear off the counters and clean the surface
  2. Look for space in the cupboards to move a few items off the counters to
  3. Clean any appliances that need cleaning as I put them back
  4. Get rid of the paper clutter by the phone


If you are cleaning along with me please leave me a comment on what job you tackled today and how it went. If you have a blogging post about your cleaning, please leave a link to your post with your comment.


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