10 Easy Salads, Perfect on a Hot Summer Day

Hot summer days call for yummy cool food and what better to eat than a cool yummy salad. There are many different kinds of salad to enjoy. Below you’ll find 10 delicious and easy salads to make on a hot summer day.

10 easy salad great for those hot summer days when you don’t feel like cooking and heating the house up. All of the recipes are tried and true recipes that our family enjoys. Plus a couple of salad dressing recipes too.

There are all kinds of different salads. Green salads, vegetable salad, macaroni salad, fruit salads and combination salads that can be eaten as full meals. But any way you make a salad, summer is a great time to add more salads to your table.

I love to have a creamy and cool salad in the summer. What could be cooler than a simple and easy cucumber salad? This is the best cucumber salad recipe. It contains simple ingredients and is really easy to make too. The sour cream in this recipe makes a creamy cucumber salad that you can’t resist. This recipe is our favorite, tried, and true recipe for cucumber salad.

Dill Cucumber Salad

A mixture of onions and cucumbers in a wonderful creamy dill dressing. I love to make this when I have fresh baby cucumbers right out of the garden. It’s so cool and refreshing a great way to tempt your taste buds on a hot summer day.

This is the best potato salad recipe ever. It has the creaminess of original potato salad but with an added crunch of bacon. Yum, who can resist bacon? Then add the fresh taste of the parsley and chives to make the perfect potato salad recipe. I love to make this recipe for barbecues and parties, everyone raves about it.

Bacon and Chive Potato Salad

A yummy addition of bacon and chives to my family’s favorite potato salad. It’s a great blend of flavors that tastes fresher than classic potato salad but has a nice crunch with the bacon added.

Classic Chef Salad

This is a great go-to dinner salad for a hot summer day. Why wouldn’t it be with boiled eggs, cheese, ham, peppers, chicken and more this is one hearty salad. It looks so yummy I know I could enjoy it even on a cooler summer day.

If you are looking a new summer recipe to add to your summer recipes collection, you have to try this macaroni salad recipe. It the best pasta salad recipes I have tried. But then I’m a little bias since it’s one my family has been making for years. Come on over and grab the best macaroni salad recipe to try for yourself. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

The Best Macaroni Salad

This macaroni salad is the best macaroni salad, at least I think so. I’ve been eating it since I was little, it’s a long time family recipe. It’s easy to make and has a nice flavor and crunch with onions, pickles, and celery added.

A yummy salad that is so good on a hot summer day. Try this easy coleslaw recipe.

Easy Summer Coleslaw

This summer coleslaw recipe has a great flavor. It’s a little sweet and a little spicy at the same time. The creamy dressing over the nice crisp cabbage makes it cool and delicious on a warm summer day. If you love color, be sure to add both red and green cabbage to this recipe.

Easy Mexican Layered Salad

Layers of shredded chicken, beans, corn, and lettuce all topped with a yummy salad dressing. It’s a Mexican twist on the classic layered salad that I love.

Make this easy BLT salad recipe for your family on a hot summers day. It’s quick to make delicious to eat. Even our meat loving family members gobble it up. You can make it healthy too by using turkey bacon instead of regular bacon.

BLT Salad

Bacon, freshly made croutons, and lots of veggies make this salad a hearty meal that can be made in no time. If you love BLT’s I’m sure you’ll love this salad. Even my meat loving hubby loves it when I make this salad for dinner. It must be all that bacon.

Strawberry Mint Bean Salad

A yummy mixture of beans and strawberries with mint. It looks like it would be cool and refreshing but hearty too with the beans added.

How to prep salad so you can enjoy salad all week long without it becoming soggy. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

Prep Ahead Salad

How to prep ahead salad without it getting limp and lifeless. This is how I prepare salad ahead of time so we can have salad in just minutes any day of the week.

Pan Fried Corn Salad 

This corn salad sounds so good. It starts with a yummy ear of sweet corn. Add to that onions, tomatoes, and avocado. Then finish it off with lime juice and pepper. It’s sound like a delicious side dish recipe that my family would love. I bet it would be good warm or cold too.

A Couple Easy Salad Dressing Too

Homemade Ranch Dressing

This dressing recipe has options to make it dairy free too. We love the dressing and make it often. It’s easy and delicious.

Homemade French Dressing

A quick and simple French dressing recipe that’s been in my family for years. Our whole family loves it so much I don’t buy French dressing anymore, I make it instead.

What is your favorite easy salad to make on a hot summer day? I would love to have you share it in the comments below.

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