Menu Plan Monday

I think my brain got stuck on one idea while I was menu planning this week. When you scroll down you’ll see I mainly planned chicken and ground beef dinners. If you need a few ground beef or chicken dinner ideas I have them for you this week!

Menu plan with recipe links

To help keep our grocery bill in check I also plan breakfast for dinner about once a week. We love breakfast for dinner because it’s a frugal meal and it’s easy to make.

We are also having pizza this week for dinner. I try to make pizza about twice a month because our family loves it and when I make pizza at home it’s really inexpensive.

I make a batch of this no rise needed pizza dough and pizza sauce making it super easy to make pizza at home from scratch.

What’s cooking at your house this week?

Here’s what’s on our Menu for this Week,


Little cups of delicious pizza goodness.

Pizza Cups with Salad

Chicken and Bean Enchiladas, Salad, and Chips

Pancakes, Eggs, and Sausage

Hamburger Sliders and Baked Fries

Chicken Strips on Salad, French Bread, and Fruit

Hamburger Biscuit Cups, Salad, and Fruit

Chicken Artichoke Casserole, Salad, and Fruit


Leftovers most days

Tuna Sandwiches, Chips, and Fruit

Out to Eat


A yummy homemade from scratch danish recipe. This recipe is so easy and can be made with any jam. We prefer raspberry or peach danish.

Toast with Eggs

Jam Danish, Eggs, and Sausage

Eggs, Sausage, Toast and Hash Browns


Where to find more menu plan ideas for this week.

Do you need help planning your menu? Find my menu planning tips here with a free printable menu planner page and here for  my frugal menu planning tips.

Find more menu plan ideas at Org Junkie too.

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. Sometimes I accidentally plan out too much of one kind of meal for the week…once, my husband asked me if we could have something other than chicken all the time…I hadn’t even noticed that we were eating so many chicken dishes 🙂

    The jam danish look so delicious! I’ll have to make some as a treat soon. Have a great week!

    1. It’s easy to keep planning the same type of meals over and over especially when you find it one sale. The jam danish are really good. I hope you enjoy them if you give them a try.

      I hope you have a great week too!

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