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7 Day Menu Plan

I really didn’t know what to cook this week so my kids helped me plan this week’s menu. I was surprised at a few of the dinner they picked out.

Menu plan with recipe links

I found a package of cranberry chicken in the freezer and added it to the menu plan. My daughter picked the grilled chicken and chicken mushroom noodles for this week.

My son added two of his favorites, tacos and pizza to the menu plan this week. I was surprised he didn’t pick sloppy joes since he loves sloppy joes so much.

My hubby loves the easy sesame chicken recipe and having breakfast for dinner so that rounded out the rest of our meals for this week.


Here’s what’s on our Menu Plan this week,


Delicious Grilled Pizza | Frugal Family Home

Cranberry Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Salad

Crisp and Soft Tacos, Refried Beans, Chips and Salsa

Salad with Grilled Chicken, Quick Dinner Rolls, and Fruit

Breakfast for Dinner, Eggs, Sausage, Hash Browns, and Toast

Chicken Mushroom Noodles, Salad, and Fruit

Pizza and Salad

Easy Sesame Chicken, Rice, and Stir Fry Vegetables


Leftover Most Days

Tuna Sandwiches, Chips, and Fruit

Corn Dogs, Fruit, and Vegetable Sticks



Vegan Pancake Recipe

Toast and Eggs

Pancakes, Eggs, and Sausage

Banana Muffins, Eggs, and Sausage


I would love to hear what’s cooking at your house this week! Please scroll down and leave me a comment with your menu plan below.


Need help planning your menu? Find my menu planning tips here with a free printable menu planner page and here for  my frugal menu planning tips.

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3 thoughts on “7 Day Menu Plan”

  1. I’m impressed your family gave you options. Mine always tell me “I don’t know” or “I don’t care” and I have to say that we’re fresh out of those 2 options LOL. It

  2. I made a new-to-us beef stroganoff recipe over the weekend that was so, so good. We also are having pizza this week, with a lower-carb dough recipe that turned out pretty good when I tried it on Saturday. (For some reason, we are on a pizza kick around here and want to eat pizza once or twice a week.)

    Your menu sounds delicious!

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