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Clutter Busting Challenge Day 22

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Clutter Busting Challenge Day 22

Today is the last day of the challenge. My home is a lot lighter on clutter, which makes me very happy. Today I worked in my downstairs guest bedroom closet. It has a lot of odds and ends in it and in general is just messy. In this closet I found two old laundry hampers. Now I remember placing them in that closet, thinking I might need these for something someday. But they just sat there for over a year so they will be going.

Clutter Busting day 22I also found an old hanger, an old toy of my sons, more paper clutter and a few fabric scraps from a recycled project I did. I have learned that I don’t need to keep all these small pieces of fabric as they generally just don’t get used, so I am parting with them too.

What did you find while doing your clutter busting today? 


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