What I Learned From the Clutter Busting Challenge



Lessons Learned From the Clutter Busting Challenge

If you have been following me this past month you know I took on clutter in my home with the Clutter Busting Challenge hosted by Money Saving Mom. So instead of working on one room of my home for this month, I worked on whatever area came to my attention for that day.

Using this technique I actually was able to tackle the clutter that was causing the biggest problems in our home. Which after a month of clutter busting is looking really much better. I was also able to spend some time in the rooms that I have already completed earlier this year and make sure they were staying clutter free.

As I worked each day in a “clutter hot spot” I realized that most of the items I was holding onto, the items making the clutter, were items we don’t really need, or items that I was just being too lazy to do something about, or I had kept thinking I might need someday (such as the receipt I found from 2006).

The truth be told most of the clutter busting I did each day only took me 10-15 minute tops. I would limit myself to clutter busting only long enough to get the 7-10 items for the day so I wouldn’t get burnt out on clutter busting. The items removed are items I probably won’t miss at all and I am so glad to have them gone.

One of the lessons I learned  during this challenge was to pace yourself. I know with myself if I see a task that I think is just too overwhelming I am more apt to shove it back, hide it away or put it off. But when I gave myself permission to just work until I found my seven items for the day the task was suddenly much more manageable and almost inviting. If clearing out clutter can ever be inviting. 🙂

So for the rest of this month be on the lookout for more posts about other things I learned while clutter busting. I will be covering things like, managing all those free magazines, paper clutter keep it from invading your space, too tiny-toss it and a few other ideas I have for posts.

The room for this month will be the master bedroom. It should be an easier task as I have already went through some of the closet and some of the drawers.

What area of clutter will you be tackling this month, if any?


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