Kids Summer Fun Activities

Got bored kids? Try a few {or many} of these 100 Summer fun ideas for kids. These summer fun activities and kids crafts will keep your kids busy for hours this summer. Plus there’s a free summer bucket list printable too.

Summer is coming and with summer comes bored kids. The last few years we have made a summer bucket list. We filled our list with about 30 activities we want to do over the summer. Fun things like making popsicles, watching fireworks along with a few gardening and craft ideas too.

I know it may be hard to come up with fun ideas for the kids. That’s why I put together this list of some great ideas for you and the kids to try. Well, I’ve actually got 100 ideas. You might be tempted to try all of them, that would make for one busy and possibly exhausting summer. Summer is all about relaxing and having fun, that’s why we make a summer bucket list each year.

To make your own summer bucket list, pick and choose some activities you know your family will love to do. I usually sit down with the kids and ask them to pick a few activities they want to do. My kids have their favorites and I’m sure your kids do too.

Then comes the fun part, adding all the activities to the calendar or bucket list. We like to use a bucket list because as we do each activity we can make it off the list. If you want to make your own bucket list, you can grab my free printable to use. Now onto all the summer activities and project I found to share with you!

100 Ideas for Kid’s Summer Fun Activities

Pick Wild Flowers
Make a Wild Flower Frame
Make Homemade Popsicles
Pick Peaches
Make Peach Crisp or Cobbler
Make Your Own Bubble Solution
Make Your Own Bubble Wands 
Take a Trip to the Dollar Store
Do a Nature Scavenger Hunt with a Camera
Make a Lemonade Stand
Make Your Own Kite
Water Balloon Target Practice
Make your Own Bouncy Balls
Make your own Seed Bombs
Make your own Face Paint
Make Sno Cones
Make Freezer Jam with Fresh Picked Berries
Do Solar Prints
Make Watercolor Drawings
Watch the Clouds Go By while laying in the lawn
Plant a Garden
Make Salt Paintings
Make Cloud Dough

Kid's Craft, Water Balloon Yo-Yo | Frugal Family Home
Make a Water Ballon Yo Yo
Make Popsicle Rafts
Make Nature Impressions
Paint Pet Rocks
Paint Clothes Pin Airplanes
Design a T-shirt with Squirt Bottle Painting

Popsicle Catapult, easy to make craft, Frugal Family Home
Make a Popsicle Catapult
Make these Cute Caterpillar Clips
Design gift bags for the 4th of July
Make a Bandana Tablecloth
Make a Tin Can Windsock
Paint with Water Balloons
Make your own Sponge Balls and have a water fight
Target practice with Squirt Guns
Sleep in the backyard in a tent
Make Your Own Play Dough
Go on a bug hunt
Make Popsicle Flags
Freeze small plastic animal toys in ice and excavate them out
Make homemade ice cream
Make a Water Balloon Piñata
Read a book about snow on a hot day
Count the stars after dark
Make Mint Water
Explore with flashlights after dark
Make Your Own Book
Take Photos of Family Members and Make a My Family Book

Fluffy Berry Jello Square Recipe, Frugal Family Home
Make Fluffy Berry Squares with fresh berries
Play a board game
Paint your nails
Join a Summer Reading Program
Pick Your Own Berries
Make Homemade Root Beer
Freeze Grapes for a Cool Summer Snack
Attend a Free Class for Kids at Home Depot
Attend a Free Craft Class for Kids at Michael’s
Make a Snail Mail Kit and send a letter to someone
Go on a Picnic
Make Your Own Bird Feeder
Make Your Own Chia Pet
Hold a Paper Airplane Contest
Make a Temporary Tattoo 
Make a Solar Oven with a Pizza Box to make S’mores 
Make Walking Tacos for Lunch or Dinner 
Make Your Own Sprinkler 
Fill Water Balloon with Shaving Cream
Bean Bag Toss
Make Trail Mix
Play Frisbee
Go Swimming
Go Bowling
Visit a Small Airport and Watch Planes
Make a Balloon Rocket

Easy to make pillowcase pattern | Frugal Family Home

Make a Custom Pillowcase
Go Camping
Make Your Own Magnets
Make Paper Pinwheels
Make Potato Stamps
Bird Watch
Make an Obstacle Course
Make Fingerprint Art 
Sponge Target Practice
Make a Dream Catcher
Make Egg Carton Lady Bugs
Tie Dye a T-shirt
Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk
Paint with Water on the Sidewalk
Make Sun Tea
Make Pizza on the Grill
Have a Family Movie Night
Do a Science Project
Build a Fort
Make an Ice Cream Cake
Visit the Zoo
Dissect a Flower

Get your kids into growing their own food with this easy herb garden container project for them.
Plant an Herb Garden
Interview your Grandparent About What Life was like When They were Young

Did a miss a fun summer idea? If I did please add it to the comments below.

What’s your favorite activity to do every year during the summer months?


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